About us

Riding-Vacations.info-permanent and experienced

In 2002 it emerged the idea to create an internet platform for horseback riding vacations and riding journeys independent from agencies!

2003 Riding-Vacations.info went online already! Therefore it was one of the first sites of its kind

Direct and without Commission

From the beginning the goal was to create a platform for all those interested in renting horseback riding vacations or riding journeys, directly without any extra costs.

Fair Prices for Advertiser without "Subscription-Contracts"

The advertiser only pays a low annual fee. Moreover, there are no addtional costs for the advertiser or tenant. There are no period of notice or subscription contracts with automatic renewal.

Individual Offers

Due to the low annual fees owners of small and less exclusive properties can present their offers at Riding-Vacations.info. So you are able to find here interesting offers which are not available at major agencies and travel agents.