Custom made bitless riding holidays in Central Java, Indonesia

Havana Horses in Tegalwaton /Salatiga / Java
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Natural Horsemanship & bitless riding holidays! Individual coaching in intensive courses, lessons and trails in groups of maximum 4 riders.

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In Indonesia there is a tropical climate, with a dry season of more or less six months and a rainy season of six months. The dry season starts in May and lasts till November. Then rain will start to fall frequently and this will last until April.

At Havana Horses, situated in a mountainous area, the fresh air and moderate temperatures are comfortable for horses as well as for people. With an altitude of about 700 meters, Salatiga is relatively cool. The average rainfall is 118 mm (145 rainy days) with the highest temperature in October (31.8°C) and the lowest in July (23.9°C). Although tropical, in the cool nights you will need warm clothes and a blanket!
Map Java

Additional information about the area

Excursions: We can organize your day-trips to the beautiful temples of Gedong Songo with hot springs, the ´and Prambanan.

Also, we can take you through our authentic village and show home industries where local products such as Javanese brown sugar and soya products (tahu & tempe) are made. Meet the villagers who work on the ricefiells with their buffalo's and taste honey straight from the beehives.
Traveling by car:
Easy access both by car and public transportation.
Traveling by plane:
Transfer from the airport of Solo (1 hour) and Semarang (1,5 hour).
Pickup service is possible
Traveling by train:
Transfer vom Bahnhof von Solo ( 1 Stunde) und Semarang (1,5 Stunden )
Pickup service is possible

nearby /
on the property

Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Birding

Not more
than a 15 min.
walk away


Not more
than a 15 min.
drive away

Shopping, Fitness Center , Biking, Mountain biking

Not more
than a 90 min.
drive away

National Historic Sites, Galleries / Museum, Cinema, Fishing, Golf course, Tennis court
Riding bitless and with bareback pad.
Riding bitless and with bareback pad.
Trail rides through the rice fields.
Trail rides through the rice fields.
Information about the riding facility / horse farm/ranch


Holiday Company, B & B for Horses, Training Company, Horse Trekking Station, Ranch Resort, Farm, Riding Stable, Pony Stable, B & B for Horsemen, Children's Holiday Company, Hotel for Horsemen
Guest Capacity:
Minimum age for guests:
age 8 & up

General description:

Natural Horsemanship & bitless riding holidays! Individual coaching in intensive courses, lessons and trails in groups of maximum 4 riders.

Amenities/equipment of the riding facility

  • Riding facility
  • Shower facilities for Horses
  • Round pen
  • Pool for horses
  • Riding area / bridle-path
  • Paddock - Pasture
  • Parking space for horse trailers
  • Tack room

Details of the Riding area

Experience the authentic village life, a beautiful view on the Volcano Merapi, enjoy the tranquil and natural surroundings with green rice fields where farmers work with their buffaloes.

More details of the property

Our horses live on 8000 m2 pasture and paddocks. Facilities include a picadero, where you can practice your groundwork and at liberty training skills and a big arena for riding and jumping.
What we have to offer
  • Horses for guests available
  • Riding lessons - Riding classes
  • Accommodation for one night only
  • Short Term stays (2-5 days)
  • Weekend stays
  • Weekly
  • Long Term stays
  • Family Trips
  • Group activities
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • accommodation for Non-Riders too
  • Supervised Children's Activities
    (age 8 & up)
  • Riding holidays for unaccompanied kids
    (age 8 & up)
  • Wellness / Fitness offers
  • Massage
  • Sightseeing Tours

Additional Animals on the property

18 horses, 2 sheep, 4 cats, 7 guinea pigs and bunnies.

Other offers and explanations

We offer tourist packages of 1 to 2 weeks that include a stay on the ranch with a narural swimming pool, natural horsemanship training and loads of fun riding!
Horses available in our riding program
Number of Horses:
in all >20 Horses are available.
Kind of Horses:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders, Horses height 148 cm & up, Ponies
Riding (trained for / saddle):
English / Classic, Western, For guided Trail Rides
More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)
Our horses are of local bred (Sandalwood, Sumbawa) crossed with Australian and New Zealand Thoroughbreds. We ride with English, Western and natural horsemanship tack.
Riding program
  • with horses for rent
  • also with your own horse
  • Guided Trail Rides
  • by the hour rides
  • All-day Rides
  • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
  • Weekend Rides
  • Short Week 3-5 days
  • 5-8 days
  • 9-14 days
  • 15 days & up
  • Trailrides on request
  • Horse Trekking with solid Station
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Cross-Country
  • Therapeutic Riding
Minimum age for Trail Rides:
age 8 & up
Riding experience:
No restriction
Demand on rider:
high demands
Big/Heavy Riders:
on request
Notes and supplements for the Trail Rides / Riding Program
Our trail rides of 1 to 3 hours are adapted to your riding skills. For our trekking programs you need to be an advanced rider. Maximum weight 75 kgs.
Riding holidays for children
Min. age for unaccompanied children:
age 8 & up
Max age to:
17 years
Offered for:
Girls and boys

Comments on the kind of catering:
Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
Vegan diet possible by arrangement
Delicious Javanese kitchen, healthy green and wholesome

Training - Riding lessons - Riding classes

Intensive courses, lessons and trekking programs in Central Java, Indonesia

General information of the Training:
with the own Horse, Trained Horses available, Private Lessons, Group Instruction
Riding Lessons for:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders
Minimum Age for Riding Classes:
age 8 & up
Training qualifications:
We are adept in natural horsemanship methods At liberty and ground work is of great importance to establish a relationship based on leadership. Dressage, jumping and trail rides on a loose rein!
Riding Classes / Lessons
Western Riding, English / Classic Riding, Dressage, Jumping, Training to sit the horse well, Recreational riding, Cross-Country, Trekking, Courses for Horse Lunging, Ground Training Courses, Training for Young Horses, Therapeutic Riding
Special Classes
With at liberty and groundwork you learn how to communicate with your horse from the ground using horse language, that is, body language.
Guest lodgings

Comfy Javanese ranch house with a view of the horse paddock in green environment

1 Vacation home :
Havana Horses Lodge: The converted old Javanese house offers a beautiful view. There are 2 bedrooms with double beds available, each of which can sleep 4 people, with bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner also bookable. You have access to a private kitchen and a spacious living and dining room. Prices from 600.000 Rp 1 double room (2 pers.)
Amenities - special features:
Sheets, Towels, Room service / Cleaning, Toilet and wash room, Showers, Electricity supply
Kind of Catering:
  • Breakfast on request obligatory
  • Half-board on request possible by arrangement
  • Full-board on request possible by arrangement
  • Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
  • Vegan diet possible by arrangement
  • Wholesome food
More information of the Catering:
Delicious Javanese kitchen, healthy green and wholesome
General information of the accommodation
Special features:
Pool available, Washing machine, Internet access, Safe

Rates and contact

Rates of the accommodation

Rates of the Holiday Homes:
from: 36,00 Euro / Day
to: 90,00 Euro / Day

Rates of the Horses for rent

Notes to the rental costs:
We charge Rp 275.000 or Euro 19,00 per hour. For courses and packages please look at our website or contact us via email.

Rates Riding Classes

Rates for riding lessons:
Included in the Rates of the accommodation. We charge Rp 275.000 an hour, both for lessons and trail rides out. Trekking programs are Rp 3.000.000 a day. Tourist Package: 1 week Trekking program for E 1.500.000 all in!
Havana Horses
First name:
Last name:
van Rheeden
+ 62 (0)815 42 355 473
Phone 2:
+ 62 (0)815 75 135 911

You can contact us with the following languages:
English, Dutch

You can contact us by phone or email in English, Dutch or Indonesian.

E-Mail address: Inquiry

Company: Havana Horses
Zip/Postal Code: 50775
Street: Jl. Sakinah Tegalwaton
Country: Indonesia/Bali -- Java -- Tegalwaton /Salatiga
Phone: + 62 (0)815 42 355 473
Phone 2: + 62 (0)815 75 135 911