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Latin America > Brazil > Bahia > Canavieiras
Horse riding and swimming with Mangalarga Horses in pass or gallop in the tropic part of Brazil on a island with sandy beach (17 km) Island upstream of the town of Canavieiras on the island of Atalaia with the 17 km long sandy beach. A bridge takes you from our beautiful tropical resort to Canavieiras, 4 km away. A town of charm, special ... read more

Latin America > Chile > further Regions > Rari, Panimavida
We are proud to provide horse trekkings arranged to your individual needs within this varied and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.... read more

Latin America > Costa Rica > All Regions > San Jose
From your first walk to the ring, nature will embrace you. Your senses will be filled with the sights and sounds of tropical Costa Rica Establo San Rafael B & B - Located just an hour from San Jose but entirely off the beaten track, an unforgettable holiday nestled in lush, tropical mountains awaits you.... read more

Latin America > Guatemala > All Regions > Guatemala
Guate Equinos is a horse riding training school in Guatemala, that teaches horse riding to kids and adults. Guatemala city and Carretera a El Salvador... read more

Latin America > Mexico > further Regions > Rojasa de Cuauhtemoc, Tlacolula, Oaxaca
Based in Oaxaca's Valle de Tlacolula.Enjoy happy horses in valley, sierra and canyon. Explore exotic biospheres and encounter traditional cultur Rancho Pitaya sits nestled as the base of the western foothills of the valley of Tlacolula, the eastern arm of the great valley of Oaxaca. While the ranch is only 20 minutes from Oaxaca, a UNESCO world ... read more

Latin America > Peru > All Regions > Colca Valley - Arequipa
Tradicion Colca & La caballeriza is a tourist Complex specilized in horseback rides with peruvian "paso" horses. Enjoy the most deepest canyons! The Colca Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Peru. The gourgeous fauna and flora are mixed with the Inca and Pre-Inca cultures creating unique enviroment. It is a civilization lost in time, ... read more

Latin America > Uruguay > All Regions > Jose Ignacio
We offer unforgettable trips and excursions through the countryside and the beach with horses for all sorts of levels and riders. Location: Haras Godiva is in the area of marine farms in Jose Ignacio, Maldonado in Uruguay. Due to elevation and proximity to the sea (1.5 km) from the Haras have a wonderful view over the Atlantic. The ... read more