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Welcome in Sundance

Working Cattle Ranch in the Black Hills of Wyoming. Be a real cowboy once in your life ! You arrive as stranger and leave as a friend.

The town Sundance got its name from the Sundance Mountain. Founded in 1879, the town (of 1147 inhabitants) is famous above all in giving Harry Longbaugh, Butch Cassidy's friend, the nickname the “Kid” after having spent 18 months in prison for stealing horses.
The Buffalo Jump, a few miles north-west of Sundance, is a natural sinkhole where the native american hunters did stampede over 20.000 bison over a period of 350 years in the direction of the pit.
48 miles away you can visit the Devil's Tower, the sacred mountain of Lakota, the first national American monument which became extremely popular after the famous film “Close Encounters of a Third Kind” by Steven Spielsberg.
Deadwood, a gambling city where you can even find slot machines in supermarkets; plus every day at 3 pm at the SALOON N° 10, actors re-enact the famous shoot out where the famous gunman Wild Bill Hickoch was shot dead.

Company: Kara Creek Ranch
Zip/Postal Code: 82729
Street: 485 Arch Creek Rd.
Country: USA -- Wyoming -- Sundance
Phone: + 1 307 2750263