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Welcome in Wietzetze / Hitzacker/Elbe

This retreat in Hitzacker specialises in riding vacations for all abilities. A German paradise for beginners and advanced riders.

Hitzacker is a fairy tale small town with romantic,medival architecture, hosting a world renowned summer and winter music festival. It has it´s own archeological site.Hitzacker is an Elbe town, with a brand new promenade overlooking formally eastern Germany.
The region boasts leading cultural, and educational centres, with much emphasis on natural living and living green!. From modern to Middle Ages architecture, world-renowned exhibits and performances, Wendland being a county of many facets.
Company: Landhotel Pferdeschulze
Zip/Postal Code: 29456
Street: Landesstr.8
Country: Germany -- Lower Saxony -- Wietzetze / Hitzacker/Elbe
Phone: + 49 (0)5858 7 86
Phone 2: + 49 (0)171 9 548 887