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Welcome in Santa Catarina & the Pantanal

Our rides offer full-out riding pleasure, great horses, traditional horsemanship and prefer staying among friends in an authentic environment.

Santa Catarina
Breathtaking mountain sceneries of the subtropical highlands, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, the scenic backdrop for a rider Trail. The region is surrounded by a national- and two state-parks. The undulating landscape with wide grass tablelands is crisscrossed by crystal clear streams and rivers. In between, rugged canyons, endemic araucaria forests, rushing waterfalls, and the species diversity of Atlantic montane rain forest.

Pantanal Wildlife Trails
Get to know the amazing wildlife of the Pantanal, Brazil out of the saddle. The largest wetland on earth is home to about 665 bird species, including the largest deposit of Hyacinth macaws and he impressive tgiant Jabiru storks, and 123 mammal species and predators such as jaguars, pumas and ocelots and giant otters. You will have opportunities to observe reptiles and amphibians like anacondas and caymans easily.
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