Riding in ALBANIA Gjirokastra Town & 6 historical monuments and natural landscapes

Discover South Albania in Gjirokastra UNESCO heritage town in south Albania. / All Regions
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Caravan Travel offers long travels on horseback. We ride local breed horses. They are mountain type and are needed elementary or intermediate skills.

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Gjirokastra is a wonderful town in south Albania, known for its history, heritage, culture, and so many cultural monuments. It is under the protection of UNESCO since 2005, for its values as a world heritage. The town itself is surrounded by charming small villages, old byzantine churches, bektashi cult objects ruins of antique towns, mountain historical paths, and bio traditional foods.

The beauty of its picturesque landscape of wild nature, small farms, and animals such as donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, and other wild life will make you feel the typical Albanian rural life and tradition. You have to ride through rivers, hard cliff paths, farmland and pastures, which make the area an unforgettable and little-known destination for travelers. You will ride local breed horses which are used to long trips because of their mountain shape. You must enjoy the history and people of the region, also the hospitality, accommodation and particular local bio food, including wine and famous Raki.
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Additional information about the area

Excursions: Day 1: Upon arrival, you will be met in Gjirokastra. If time allows, have a walk around the historical town of the old Bazaar before dinner.
Day 2: Ride through the countryside, with final destination Paleokastra village and Paleokastra ruin castle. 5 hours of riding.
Day 3: This morning’s ride continues further north to the valley of Cajupi, a beautiful natural landscape. The road will lead through local farms, old small churches, and villages. Afternoon ride to Antigonea National Park.
Day 4: Today’s ride continues with a visit to Antigonea Park a territory of 45 ha inside the surrounding walls.You will ride next to Spilea Monastery placed on the cliff a 400 old years culture monument.The afternoon ride will take you to Libohova town placed 3 - 4 hours away.
Day 5: Ride to the Libohova Castle, bektashi tekke of Melani and the medieval church of Peshkepia.
Day 6 Ride to Ravena Monastery, and back to Gjirokastra town.
Day 7 After breakfast to the hotel transfer to Tirana's airport.
Traveling by car:
From Tirana airport to Gjirokastra Town it is 4 to 5 hours, by car.It is your responsibility to arrange transportation from the airport to Gjirokastra and back. If you need us to arrange your transportation, it will cost an additional 45 euros per person.
A car is necessary
Traveling by plane:
You must book yourself a flight to Tirana Airport.
Traveling by boat/ferry:
Albania has three important ports one in Durres the other in Vlora and the last one in Saranda. There is everyday ferry to this ports from Italy and Greece but you must book the tickets yourself for this transport.

Not more
than a 15 min.
walk away

National Historic Sites, Shopping, Fitness Center , Fishing

Not more
than a 15 min.
drive away

Restaurants, Lake/river for swimming, Mountain climbing, Wildlife Viewing

Not more
than a 90 min.
drive away

Beach, Diving, Water skiing, Surfing

Other types of leisure activities:

Your farewell dinner will take place on the balcony of Gjirokastra the touristic point of Keculla, a lovely place and a wonderful end to a great week of riding.

Information about the riding facility / horse farm/ranch


Holiday Company, B & B for Horses, B & B for Horsemen, Hotel for Horsemen
Guest Capacity:
Minimum age for guests:
age 14 & up

General description:

Caravan Travel offers long travels on horseback. We ride local breed horses. They are mountain type and are needed elementary or intermediate skills.

Amenities/equipment of the riding facility

  • Riding facility
  • Sea / River / Ocean for horses
  • Gastronomy available
  • Riding area / bridle-path
  • Paddock - Pasture

More details of the property

You must enjoy the hospitality, accommodation in traditional houses and small hotels also particular local bio food, including local pie (byrek), cheese, honey, mountain tea, farm meat, wine and Raki
What we have to offer
  • Bring Your Own Horse
  • Horses for guests available
  • Short Term stays (2-5 days)
  • Weekend stays
  • Weekly
  • Long Term stays
  • Family Trips
  • Group activities
  • accommodation for Non-Riders too
  • Reduction for Non-Riders
  • Help wanted / desirable
  • Fishing

Other offers and explanations

During your riding tour: visit Gjirokastra town world heritage protected by UNESCO, Paleokastra ruins, Antigonea National Park, Melani bektashi tekke, Spilea and Ravena Monasteries, mountain landscape
Horses available in our riding program
Number of Horses:
in all 10 Horses are available.
Kind of Horses:
For Beginners
Riding (trained for / saddle):
For guided Trail Rides
More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)
Our horses are all Albanian breed small ones, but they are reputed to be hardy and very efficient.Mountain horse ranges from 12.2hh to 13.2hh. Their age is 8 to 12 years old. Beginners are welcome.
Riding program
  • with horses for rent
  • also with your own horse
  • All-day Rides
  • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
  • Cross-Country
Minimum age for Trail Rides:
age 14 & up
Riding experience:
No restriction
Demand on rider:
little demands
Big/Heavy Riders:
max. 90 kg - 200 lbs
Notes and supplements for the Trail Rides / Riding Program
Our itineraries are flexible. Change may occur due to weather or other circumstances. It is obligatory for your own safety that you wear a hard hat you should bring your own to ensure a good fit.

Guest lodgings

Riders will be accommodated in different traditional family hotels & B+B

8 Holiday Homes :
They are placed in Gjirokastra town and villages of Paleokastra, Saraqinishta, and Libohova. All furnished traditionally. Breakfast included in room price.
3 Holiday flats / apartments :
They are placed in Gjirokastra town. Breakfast included.
2 Single / double room(s) :
They are placed in Gjirokstra town and Libohova village. Breakfast included.
2 Multi-bedded room(s):
We can accommodate riders in multi-bed rooms, which mean 4 persons per room maximum.
1 Parking space for a Motor Home / Camper :
There is a public parking on low charge per night 200 m away from the hotel in Gjirokastra.
Amenities - special features:
Sheets, Towels, Room service / Cleaning, Toilet and wash room, Showers, Electricity supply
Kind of Catering:
  • Breakfast on request possible by arrangement
  • Half-board on request possible by arrangement
  • Full-board on request possible by arrangement
  • Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
  • Wholesome food
  • Organic Farm
More information of the Catering:
All meals are included. Breakfast will be served at the family hotels, lunch will be a picnic outside and dinner in traditional small restaurants. Albanian food is completely bio also wine & Raki.
General information of the accommodation
Special features:
Phone, Washing machine, Internet access, Internet-/ E-mail service
More information of the accommodation:
Accommodation will be flexible based on advanced clients requests .

Rates and contact

Rates of the accommodation

Rates of the Holiday Homes:
from: 25,00 Euro / Day
to: 40,00 Euro / Day
Rates of the Holiday Flats / Apartments:
from: 25,00 Euro / Day
to: 40,00 Euro / Day
Rates of the single / double bedroom:
from: 25,00 Euro / Day
to: 40,00 Euro / Day
Rates of the mult-bedded room:
from: 30,00 Euro / Day
to: 45,00 Euro / Day
Rates of the Parking space for Motor Homes / Campers:
from: 5,00 Euro / Day
to: 7,00 Euro / Day

Rates of the Horses for rent

Rates for renting a Horse:
33,00 Euro per day/horse
Caravan Travel
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+ 355 69 537 5743

You can contact us with the following languages:
English, Greek, Italian

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