Horseback Riding Holidays in the Gredos Mountains and Camino de Santiago, Spain!

Gredos Ecuestre in Arenas de San Pedro / Castile
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On all year we want you to leave your footprints as well, in the ephemeral form of the tread of your horse, on these roads and in your memory.

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Very near Madrid in central Spain there is one of these places which always inspire a feeling of inner peace and wonder at the beauty of our planet and the life which inhabits it. It is the GREDOS MOUNTAINS RANGE. It may not be as majestic as the Himalayas, as rugged as the Rockies or as picturesque as the Alps, but its understated yellow-dotted meadows with babbling brooks running through them, its green-grey peaks often dusted with snow and its honest-to-goodness subsistence farmland and olive groves give it an element of absolute authenticity. Its towns are charming, rustic and display many historical elements from centuries post, but you will find few "reconstructions" catering to tourists. Far more common are 200 year old private houses whose owners invite you in for "sangria", medieval cathedrals still in use or half-ruined castles standing guard over the stoplights and subdivisions of modern life.
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Additional information about the area

Excursions: Your guide Gaby specializes in showing both outsiders and locals the hidden treats Gredos has to offer. With the healthiest, happiest and most spirited herd of horses in the reqion, always accompanied by midday tapas and sips from a shared wineskin, Gaby leads his groups through a surprising array of landscapes,over crystal clear rivers, along sandy creekbeds, up and down rocky mountainsides and through fairytale forests.

Our number 1 priority is to offer you HORSES TO ENJOY which will carry you through the many natural and special places in the GREDOS MOUNTAINS.
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Information about the riding facility / horse farm/ranch


Holiday Company, Riding Stable, B & B for Horsemen
Guest Capacity:
Minimum age for guests:
age 10 & up

General description:

On all year we want you to leave your footprints as well, in the ephemeral form of the tread of your horse, on these roads and in your memory.

Amenities/equipment of the riding facility

  • Riding facility
  • Gastronomy available
  • Parking space for horse trailers
What we have to offer
  • Bring Your Own Horse
  • Horses for guests available
  • Weekly
  • Family Trips
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • accommodation for Non-Riders too
    Horses available in our riding program
    Number of Horses:
    in all 6 Horses are available.
    Kind of Horses:
    For Beginners, For Advanced Riders, Horses height 148 cm & up
    Riding (trained for / saddle):
    English / Classic, Iberian riding, For guided Trail Rides
    More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)
    Breed is not important for us. However a good temperament and secure walk are fundamentals
    Riding program
    • with horses for rent
    • also with your own horse
    • Ride on your own
    • Guided Trail Rides
    • All-day Rides
    • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
    • Weekend Rides
    • Short Week 3-5 days
    • 5-8 days
    • Trailrides on request
    • Cross-Country
    Minimum age for Trail Rides:
    age 10 & up
    Riding experience:
    Average experience required
    Demand on rider:
    little demands
    Big/Heavy Riders:
    No restriction

    Guest lodgings

    Accommodations in high quality hotels, rural house or camping

    >15 Holiday Homes :
    Prices on request
    2 Campground / Campsites :
    Prices on request
    Kind of Catering:
    • Breakfast on request possible by arrangement
    • Half-board on request possible by arrangement
    • Full-board on request possible by arrangement
    • Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
    • Wholesome food

    Rates and contact

    Rates of the Horses for rent

    Notes to the rental costs:
    You can choose one of our programmed excursions or propose your dates and we'll select the best route for you depending on the time of year.
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    Gredos Ecuestre
    First name:
    Last name:
    Mendez Nombela
    + 34 615 162662

    You can contact us with the following languages:
    English, Spanish

    All days, all year.

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    Company: Gredos Ecuestre
    Zip/Postal Code: E-05400
    Street: Avd. Pintor Martínez Vázquez, 24 1ºA
    Country: Spain -- Castile -- Arenas de San Pedro
    Phone: + 34 615 162662