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Gaucho-Argentino in Esquina, Corrientes province / All Regions
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Our horseback adventures pay homage to the age-old traditions of the gaucho, the indigenous herdsmen of the Argentinian Pampas.

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It is very easy and comfortable to get to Esquina from Buenos Aires.

Esquina is located in Corrientes province, Argentina, 620 km to the NE of Buenos Aires. It may seem to be far away, but those who want to see this beautiful country need to know that distances in Argentina in most cases will be provided in thousands kilometers, not in hundreds.

This small charming town is a place that attracts people due to its wild landscapes, its warm people and its colonial style architecture.
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Additional information about the area

Excursions: Esquina is located on the way from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Waterfalls.
Traveling by plane:
It is very easy and comfortable to get to Esquina from Buenos Aires.

We recommend to take a night bus departuring from the center of the city. You take a comfortable sleeping coach in the evening and next morning you can enjoy your holidays in Esquina.
You do not waste daytime for traveling.

Not more
than a 90 min.
drive away

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Information about the riding facility / horse farm/ranch


Holiday Company, Horse Trekking Station, Dude/Guest Ranch, Ranch Resort, Cattle Ranch
Guest Capacity:
Minimum age for guests:
age 6 & up

General description:

Our horseback adventures pay homage to the age-old traditions of the gaucho, the indigenous herdsmen of the Argentinian Pampas.

Amenities/equipment of the riding facility

  • Gastronomy available
  • Riding area / bridle-path

Details of the Riding area

What you are bound to enjoy is the estancia lifestyle, the direct contact with the gauchos, their horses, customs, traditions and, of course, their tasty cuisine.

More details of the property

Farm work:lasso,de-horn,bath and vaccinate animals;
Watching wild horses roaming freely on the plains;
River crossings/swimming alongside horses;Polo practice;Fishing,Traditional barbecue,Boat trips
What we have to offer
  • Horses for guests available
  • Riding lessons - Riding classes
  • Short Term stays (2-5 days)
  • Weekly
  • Long Term stays
  • Family Trips
  • Group activities
  • accommodation for Non-Riders too
  • Roping
  • Fishing
  • Massage

Other offers and explanations

These horse-riding treks will take you through unique and unforgettable landscapes, marshes, lagoons, pampas, woods, islands and undergrowth - kilometers of paths free of people and houses.
Horses available in our riding program
Number of Horses:
in all >20 Horses are available.
Kind of Horses:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders, Horses height 148 cm & up
Riding (trained for / saddle):
Western, For guided Trail Rides
More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)
creole, quarter mila, local mix
Riding program
  • with horses for rent
  • Guided Trail Rides
  • by the hour rides
  • All-day Rides
  • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
  • Weekend Rides
  • Trailrides on request
  • Cattle Drive
  • Cutting
  • Gaucho Riding
  • Polo
Minimum age for Trail Rides:
age 6 & up
Riding experience:
No restriction
Demand on rider:
little demands
Big/Heavy Riders:
No restriction
Notes and supplements for the Trail Rides / Riding Program
We tailor each holiday program to suit your needs.
We can arrange trips of between 2 to 10 days, depending on your needs.

Training - Riding lessons - Riding classes
General information of the Training:
Trained Horses available
Riding Lessons for:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders
Minimum Age for Riding Classes:
age 6 & up
Riding Classes / Lessons
Recreational riding, Trekking, Cutting, Polo
Special Classes
Guest lodgings

3 estancias with 6 rooms with private bathrooms; excelent, individual service

6 Single / double room(s) :
For your accommodation, we have selected the special environment of estancias (large ranches). They are usually family managed and with a small number of rooms which makes them more quiet and charming. In this way, you will be able to see how traditional families live in this part of the world.Our estancias offer great comfort, good quality rooms and the friendly staff.Rooms with private bathroom.
Amenities - special features:
Sheets, Towels, Room service / Cleaning
Kind of Catering:
  • Breakfast on request obligatory
  • Half-board on request obligatory
  • Full-board on request obligatory
  • Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
  • Wholesome food
More information of the Catering:
Regional tasty cuisine.
Traditional barbecues in the open air.
General information of the accommodation
More information of the accommodation:
Prices on request

Rates and contact

Rates of the Horses for rent

Rates for renting a Horse:
Included in the Rates of the accommodation.
Notes to the rental costs:
Included in the price

Rates Riding Classes

Rates for riding lessons:
pls ask for the offer
First name:
Last name:
+ 54 3777 24-2777

You can contact us with the following languages:
German, English, Spanish, Polish

Note: Please forgive me if there is some delay in responding to your queries, as there is no Internet service in the countryside.

E-Mail address: Inquiry

Company: Gaucho-Argentino
Zip/Postal Code: 3196
Street: Santa Rita
Country: Argentina -- All Regions -- Esquina, Corrientes province
Phone: + 54 3777 24-2777