Horseback Riding in Northern Patagonia - crossing the Andes between Chile and Argentina!

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Opentravel is a Chilean company located in Puerto Montt Patagonia. With more than ten years of experienced in horsback riding tours through the Andes.

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Puerto Montt is located in the South of Chile, in Northern Patagonia. A city next to the Pacific Ocean, with a great view to islands, volcanoes and mountains. Arround the cities we can find pristine nature with lots of rivers and lakes and dense forests.

Weather is cold and rainy in wintertime, warmer and drier in summer, but we can allways expect rainshowers in the middle of our summer.
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Additional information about the area

Excursions: In our excursions we cross the Andes Montain range fallowing the trail at the Puelo Valley. We can expirience and enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an old way of life in the Patagonian wilderness.
Traveling by car:
We pick you up at your lodging place to take you to the Puelo Valley.
Traveling by plane:
You can fly to Puerto Montt and we can organize a transfer from there to your lodgin place if you request it.
Pickup service is possible

nearby /
on the property

Lake/river for swimming, Beach, Fishing, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Birding

Other types of leisure activities:

The Puelo Valley is an area with few people living in there, thats why the only activities close to this place are the ones that nature offers us.
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Information about the riding facility / horse farm/ranch


Holiday Company, Farm
from: 1. October
to: 30. April
Guest Capacity:
Minimum age for guests:
age 12 & up

General description:

Opentravel is a Chilean company located in Puerto Montt Patagonia. With more than ten years of experienced in horsback riding tours through the Andes.

Amenities/equipment of the riding facility

  • Riding facility
  • Sea / River / Ocean for horses
  • Gastronomy available
  • Riding area / bridle-path

Details of the Riding area

Opentravel offers you an exclusive journey into a rural Gaucho culture. Enjoy the adventure and relaxation of an old way of life in pristine Patagonian wilderness.

More details of the property

La Colina farm is where we have our own horses as well as a pair of oxen, sheep and some cattle. La Colina produce its own hay and some oat for feeding our animals during the winter.
What we have to offer
  • Horses for guests available
  • Group activities
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Reduction for Non-Riders
  • Fishing
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Barbecues

Other offers and explanations

The trip is an exciting one but not demanding. This adventure ride is an excellent way of managing lots of different terrain and being able to ride one of the toughest horse breeds in the world.
Horses available in our riding program
Number of Horses:
in all >20 Horses are available.
Riding (trained for / saddle):
Western, For guided Trail Rides
More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)
The Chilean criollo is the oldest breed registered horse breed in South America,It is doubtful any other breed surpasses their productive energy level.
Riding program
  • with horses for rent
  • Guided Trail Rides
  • All-day Rides
  • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
  • 5-8 days
  • 9-14 days
  • Trailrides on request
Minimum age for Trail Rides:
age 12 & up
Riding experience:
Average experience required
Demand on rider:
average demands
Big/Heavy Riders:
max. 90 kg - 200 lbs
Notes and supplements for the Trail Rides / Riding Program
Lots of river crossings some days are great fun and allow riders to experience the local way of travelling. Some steep up hills could turn a bit more demanding if the weather is not good.
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Guest lodgings

Rustic Holiday homes

4 Holiday Homes :
we are invited into the homes of local pioneers for a unique opportunity to experience their way of life. The extremely charming but often rustic homes offer basic accommodation mostly in twin, triple or dorm rooms with shared hot showers. 2 nights we spend in Island Las Bandurrias, it has a woodland path following the shore, small private beaches and two charming cabañas.
Kind of Catering:
  • Wholesome food
  • Organic Farm
More information of the Catering:
Food will be organically grown and sourced from local gardens, while the meat will be cooked on a delicious Chilean Asado (bbq).

Rates and contact

Rates of the Horses for rent

Rates for renting a Horse:
Included in the Rates of the accommodation.
Notes to the rental costs:
2.100 Euro p/p Min. 2 persons.
Tour of 7 days 6 nights from Puerto Varas (Chile) to Bariloche (Argentina). Included horses, pack horses,guide, tranfers in/out. Food and acomodation with local people.
First name:
Last name:
+ 56 65 22 660 524

You can contact us with the following languages:
German, English, French, Spanish

You can send us an email to our internet adress and we will write you back as soon is possible.

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