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Our horses

Horses available in our riding program
Number of Horses:
in all >10 Horses are available.
Kind of Horses:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders, Horses height 148 cm & up, Gaited horses
Riding (trained for / saddle):
English / Classic, classic baroque riding, For guided Trail Rides, also Ride on your Own

More information of the Horses for rent (Breed - Training etc.)

Arab full blod horses and Barb horses are living at Elmanar and get professional and with a lot of love and Passion treated.
We grow arab full blood hrses from old tunisian bloodline.

Beautiful Barb Horses

Bart- and Arab Fullblood ridinghorses
Riding program
  • with horses for rent
  • Ride on your own
  • Guided Trail Rides
  • by the hour rides
  • All-day Rides
  • Pack Trips / Horse Trekking
  • Weekend Rides
  • Short Week 3-5 days
  • 9-14 days
  • Trailrides on request
  • Riding on the beach / by the sea
  • Cross-Country
Minimum age for Trail Rides:
age 10 & up
Riding experience:
Little experience required
Demand on rider:
little demands
Big/Heavy Riders:
max. 90 kg - 200 lbs

Notes and supplements for the Trail Rides / Riding Program

Dear quests at El-Manar you are quided from experiences quide who treats gently the horses since years.The rides go through the Olivegrow to the Mediterranean. Speciel Lagune-Ride is 4-6 h.

Long natural beaches for riding