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Beach Riding
Training - Riding lessons - Riding classes
General information of the Training:
with the own Horse, Trained Horses available, Private Lessons, Group Instruction
Riding Lessons for:
For Beginners, For Advanced Riders, especially for Children, especially for older Riders
Minimum Age for Riding Classes:
no limitation
Training qualifications:
BHS British Horse Society
EAGALA associate member.
UKRCP registered
FBHS Horse Specialists
Riding Classes / Lessons
Western Riding, English / Classic Riding, Many-sidedness Riding, Dressage, Jumping, Training to sit the horse well, Recreational riding, Cross-Country, Trekking, Courses for Wagon Riding, Pace Riding, Ground Training Courses, Training for Young Horses, Handicapped Riding, Therapeutic Riding
Special Classes
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an emerging field of psychotherapy which uses interaction with horses as part of a treatment to facilitate emotional growth and learning.

Beach Riding

Western Riding