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Our offers for riding holidays for children

Min. age for unaccompanied children:
age 8 & up
Max age to:
17 years
Offered for:
Girls and boys

General description:

Students stay for min. 2 weeks and spend the day both horseriding and learning English( Optional) Each student 'owns' a pony for the duration of camp and has to feed, groom, look after and ride the horse/pony. It is a funfilled few weeks and the students are guaranteed a memorable holiday.

Accommodation for the children:
Multi-bedded room(s), Single / double room(s)
Comments on the kind of accommodation:
Accommodation is at the centre and right beside the yard and stables in a quiet, rural setting.
Comments on the kind of catering:
Vegetarian Meals possible by arrangement
Vegan diet possible by arrangement
We provide self-catering and full board.All our food is wholesome and we provide home baking. and home cooked food.

We offer riding holidays for children during the:

  • Easter holidays from >400 Euro / Week
  • Summer holidays from >400 Euro / Week
  • Autumn holidays from >400 Euro / Week
  • Short breaks from 150 Euro / Time period
  • Weekend Stays from 150 Euro / Time period

Additional Animals on the property:
We have a large selection of horses to meet the needs of the rider. They are all very well schooled and quiet. We also have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, peahens and a very proud peacock!
Additional offers:
Language classes
Other offers and explanations:
We offer riding holidays for individuals and families. We also provide English language classes with equestrian activities.We are close to fantastic beaches. Lots of activities available.